Aubergine Snowy Seeds

Aubergine Snowy Seeds
This delicious white aubergine is one of the best white aubergine you can get. An enjoyable vegetable. They are particularly tasty when they are bread crumbed and pan-fried. A Chef choice by far! You'll find these plants fruit earlier than other varieties of aubergines and these amazing white, firm fleshed fruits are simply yummy. Snowy is best grown under protection; however, if you have a sunny, protected spot outside you can also produce fruit there. Early fruiting. 17.5 cm long fruit. Heavy cropper. Grow in a greenhouse or outside. Can be grown in large pots, grow bags or the ground. Will need support as they grow.
Plant out 90 cm apart in rows 90 cm apart.

Per Packet
NZ$ 5.50

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