Strawberry Lemonade Mix (F1) Sunflower Seeds

Strawberry Lemonade Mix (F1) Sunflower Seeds
Vibrant long-blooming mixture. Produced more flowers and bloomed for a longer period than any other mix in our trials. Nicely sized 4 to 5" blooms in shades of creamy yellow, lemon yellow, wine red, pink, and bicolour combinations. Well-branched plants produce thin, 15 to 45" long, stiff stems. Earlier to flower than Autumn Beauty. Good choice for garden beds, farmscaping, and casual bouquets. Blooms produce a very small amount of pollen.

' Edible Flowers: Flower buds can be fried, and the petals used as a garnish in salads and desserts; the flavour is bittersweet

Per Packet
NZ$ 6.50

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