Grow your own leeks from seed and taste the difference, pure natural from organically grown parent stock. Leeks are a good source of potassium, folic acid, and vitamins A & C. They also have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Top Tips: Try salad leeks as a milder alternative to spring onions in summer; Earthling up plants for traditional leeks to blanch the stems is important to keep them tender for winter use.
  • Heirloom Mini Leeks. More of a dwarf type of plant. Just as tasty and versatile for stews, soups and with white sauce. Highly in taste and flavour that your normal type of leeks. Has naturally shorter shanks and performs well under closer spacing's to help produce smaller 'mini' leeks.

    Per Packet
    NZ$ 8.00
  • Early Swiss Giant variety with long shaft and erect foliage. This variety has some rust resistance and has good storage characteristics. Also suitable for baby leek production. Harvesting time will depend on sowing time. The leeks will store well once picked if heeled in.

    Per Packet
    NZ$ 6.00

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