Our Flowers are a sure-fire route to a fabulous garden. That’s because each already contains an embryonic flower and has been groomed for years to give its absolute best in any garden for very little love and attention. At Chianti Gardens, we offer the NZ the biggest ever selection of amazing flower seeds, online & there is more to come, including lots of unique varieties, which you won’t get anywhere else. So get browsing and be inspired!

Edible Flowers

It is surprising how many flowers growing in our gardens are edible. Edible flowers have been used for years in cooking or as decorations for various dishes. Today many fine restaurants around the world are using more edible flowers to enhance salads with their colour, texture and intriguing flavours, as well as for decoration on appetisers, starters, cakes and many other dishes. Our Edible flowers can be used fresh as a garnish or as an integral part of a dish, such as a salad. They can be candied, frozen in ice cubes and added to beverages, made into jellies and jams, used to make teas or wines, minced and added to cheese spreads, herbal butters, pancakes, crepes, and waffles, the list goes on! Our Herbal flowers normally have the same flavour as their leaves, with the exceptions of chamomile and lavender blossoms where the flavour is usually more subtle. We have many more coming through all the time. It is always best to grow your own edible flowers & Herbs, and then you can be sure that they are clean, fresh and free from pests and disease. The majority of edible flowers & herbs are always best picked fresh from the garden the day you want to use them. Enjoy our selections.

Peony Roses

It’s been said that a peony plant can last for a century. While the stunning and often fragrant Peony flowers, which open in late spring or early summer, are the main attraction, the plant itself makes an attractive hedge or bush, even when the flowering is done. The glossy green foliage of Peonies lasts all summer long. Peonies like deep, fertile and moist soil with good drainage, and your Peony bare roots should be planted in sunny locations where they are sheltered from the wind. Good companion plants are irises. 

We are passionate about providing you with the best plants and have been doing so for over 30 years and now with our mail order delivery service. We now have a grand selection of peonies available. The peonies are a 3-6 eye root plus, which will give you a good size plant. They will flower from spring onwards.

Peonies produce flowers in almost every colour known. "They were the most beautiful flowers!” From the first week of November until the middle of December we sell our fresh cut flower selection peonies online - subject to availability. Our colours range from Red through to pink, coral, cream, whites plus more! If you have questions please email us at and we will be happy to assist you. Your peonies will arrive overnight in a box with a chiller pad included. Please read the following care instructions to know how to look after them and get the very best from your fresh peonies. 


Bulbs really are one of gardening's givers. Historically, it's been difficult to get truly organically grown bulbs, but we have been developing 'eco bulbs', which are unforced, produced with a natural lifecycle and without chemicals. Bulbs are also very easy to grow and the range is wonderfully vast. These varieties also deliver a great contribution i.e: welfare of bees, butterflies and other insects (biodiversity).


A Microgreen is a young vegetable green that is used as both a flavour and visual enhancement by chefs in fine dining restaurants. Microgreens enhance the attractiveness and taste of dishes with their delicate textures and distinctive flavours. As with all our seeds are organically grown with natural fertilisers, no sprays, no chemicals and no carbon! Pure natural all the way! Microgreens are also classed as a 'superfood' and contain extremely high levels of vitamins, nutrients and minerals when compared to their adult counterparts. Our Microgreens are packed full of vitamins including vitamin A, B, C, E, K and vital minerals such as Potassium, Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Magnesium and Zinc. As well as a culinary flavour enhancement, our Microgreens can be used in smoothies, salads and sandwiches.


We have a very extensive range of old traditional heirloom & heritage vegetables seeds which are true varieties. Grown in organically permaculture methods, as the knowledge has been passed down in many generations of our Whanau. Our vegetable seeds are free from synthetic agricultural chemicals. They are better suited for use in your garden than conventional seeds, and have not pre-treated with any form of chemical fungicide. We have trialled them all here over the years. Some are well known varieties while other names might be unfamiliar to you; they have all earned their place in our selection so we hope you will give them a try and enjoy the benefits.

Here at Chianti Gardens we hand pick each seed and plant variety we sell. Our stock is small, but that’s because each variety sold online has been successfully grown in our gardens, ensuring that your vegetable or fruit variety will thrive and produce a healthy crop for you, just as it did for us! Our vegetable seed stock will change from year to year and hopefully increase as we get to experiment with new varieties. In the meantime, if there is a seed variety you are particularly interested in and you don’t see it here, let us know and we’ll be more than happy to help. Great tasting vegetable seeds.

Our entire vegetable seeds are chosen for great taste, high yielding crop and successful germination rates. Our entire seed range is made up of what we believe to be the very best vegetable seeds you can grow today, each variety has proven under own trials year after year to meet our high standards. So although our stock may not be as large as some other seed companies we truly believe we have some of the best vegetable seeds on the market.

Sow. Grow. Enjoy!

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