Microgreen Dill

Microgreen Dill
Young leaves with unique taste combine terrific aroma and exceptional nutritional value. Microgreens is a delicious, tasty food that deserves introduction to the daily diet. These young plants resemble popular sprouts, but they are grown in soil and only their overground parts are used. They also differ from sprouts through much higher content of vitamins, minerals and other valuable nutrients. They are superior in that regard not only to sprouts, but to mature plants, too. Fresh, young dill greens contain large amounts of vitamins C, B1, B2, PP, carotene, as well as kalium, phosphorus and iron. They also encompass aromatic essential oils that will add flavour to dishes and stimulate your appetite. They are fitted for decorating sandwiches, curd, soups and warm plates.

Per Packet
NZ$ 10.00

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