De Barao Polosatyi Tomato Seeds

De Barao Polosatyi Tomato Seeds
An old Russian variety that produces large trusses of approximately 7.5 cm long plum-shaped fruits. Deep red in colour, the fruits are extremely dense and so perfect for paste, passata and pasta sauces - or simply just for juicing. But with such a wonderful flavour don't just use this tomato for cooking! A vigorous and reliable habit - one of our favourites and one that we highly recommend. This is an indeterminate variety and best grown as a vine. For best yields stop at 5th truss if growing under protection (3rd outside). Whilst the best crops will be grown under protection, this variety can also be grown outside. The plant demonstrates vigor with above average fruit yield. Indeterminate.

Maturity 85 days from transplant.

Per Packet
NZ$ 5.50

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