Cilantro Seeds

Cilantro Seeds
Lofty, feathery leaf structure for a pleasant texture when eating. Good cilantro flavour. Texture, flavour, and visual appeal are best when plants are young; so, we recommend baby-leaf production rather than for full-size bunching. Makes a great garnish for Asian and Latin American cuisine. Chefs will love it! Looks great and makes for less chopping in the kitchen. A perfect addition to fish tacos.

' Attracts Beneficial Insects: if allowed to flower, provides pollen and nectar for beneficial insects such as, bees, hoverflies, and tachinid flies.

' Edible Flowers: Use the flowers raw because the flavour fades quickly when cooked. Sprinkle to taste on salads, bean dishes, chicken, and spicy Southwestern dishes. Flavour is of mild cilantro.

Per Packet
NZ$ 6.50

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