Aubergine Black Beauty Seeds

Aubergine Black Beauty Seeds
This variety of aubergine (sometimes known as the eggplant due to its shape) doesn't seem to absorb the oil as much as other varieties, making it even more delicious! Its striking purple-black fruits have a lovely texture and whilst being popular for Mediterranean and Asian cooking. Black Beauty produces a heavy crop if grown under protection, but will perform reasonably in a sunny spot outside, sheltered from cold winds. For outdoor growing transplant outside after the risk of frost has passed into a sunny sheltered spot; plant out 90 cm apart in rows 90 cm apart and provide a sturdy support. For greenhouse or poly tunnel growing plant out into either larger pots or growbags. Needs sturdy support.

Average yield is around 1.8-2.3 kg approx. per plant.

Per Packet
NZ$ 5.50

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