Is a vine grown member of the pumpkin, squash and gourd family "Cucurbitaceae". Are commonly cultivated for their fruits, which are edible when young and have a fibrous sponge like interior that is used domestically for bathing and for washing dishes. So natural in today's world.
  • Luffa is an intriguing variety of fruit that's often used for drying. Once dried, these fruits produce a natural sponge that's perfect for exfoliating. Growing on climbing vines that can reach heights of 20ft approx.
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  • The Short variety, can be use in the kitchen, the fruit should be harvested when they are 20 cm long. At this stage they are soft and have a puffy texture when squeezed. However, if left on the plant they will mature to twice the size 50cm long approx. At this point the fruit are inedible as they have an inner network of tough fibers ' the very fibers that makes them excellent as sponges. The plants are heat lovers and must be grown in a tunnel or greenhouse.

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