Fields of Poppies Wildflower Seeds Mix

Fields of Poppies Wildflower Seeds Mix
Has a combination of brilliantly colored, double and semi-double petal California Poppies. As with all Eschscholzia varietals, "Fields of Poppies Mix" tends to perform best when planted en masse. Easy to grow, plant them directly in your garden and they will spread easily!

PLANT TYPE: Short green stalks with brilliant multicolored double and semi-double petals.

FEATURES: Open Pollinated, Attracts Pollinators, Dry Area Tolerant, Container Garden, Easy to Grow & Maintain

BLOOMS: Spring, Late Spring, Early Summer, Summer

(Please note that the actual varieties may vary according to availability; any substitutions are made with nearest equivalent appropriate species where available)

Per Packet
NZ$ 15.00

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