Snow Peas Green Seeds

Snow Peas Green Seeds
Snow peas are like giant mangetout. They can be eaten when immature like a mangetout or left for the peas to swell in the pod, giving you huge, juicy and stringless 'Snow Peas'. Perfect to snack on, stirfry or eat in salads. Very sweet and tasty, perfect for kids.

This flamboyant snow pea sports Bicolour purple flowers with large, vivid green pods. Set on vigorous vines, they grow up to 4-5' tall. The tender green snow pea pods are crisp, stringless and truly delicious, and you'll find some have a soft pink blush to the tips. Height 100-150cm (39-59"); spread 20-30cm (8-12").

Per Packet
NZ$ 5.00

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