Heritage Mix Seed Potato Pack

Heritage Mix Seed Potato Pack
A lot of customers each year ask us for small numbers of seed potatoes as a pack. This year we have listen and have produced a mix range of seed potato pack.

Maybe you want to try a new variety. Maybe you want to have lots of varieties, but only a few plants of each? Or only having a limited space to grow.

We offer this pack as a total number of 8 seed potatoes but you choice your selection. For example, if you have room in your garden patch for 8 seed potatoes. You can order 4 of one variety, 3 of another, and 1 of a third variety ' choose as many as you like! But the maximum total of this pack is total of 8 seed potatoes.

These will all be hand picked, quality seed potatoes, zero waste! Choose your selection by our listed seed potato range.

Per Pack
NZ$ 40.00

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