Heirloom Rainbow Carrots Seeds

Heirloom Rainbow Carrots Seeds
The most distinctive colour range yet produced. Yellow, White, Purple, Scarlet and Orange Carrots. From our heirloom carrot varieties.

Carrots can be grown all year round. Simply re-sow carrot seed regularly, every three of 4 weeks is ideal, for a year-round crop. An easy and rewarding crop to grow, carrots are great for encouraging children to eat their vegetables.

Carrots are best grown in the open ground, but can be grown in containers, or even grow-bags. Cut a grow-bag in half to make two square bags out of one oblong bag, then stand each half up on its closed end. Loosen the compost until the bag forms a free-standing round pot shape, otherwise choose deep pots or short rooted carrots.

Per Packet
NZ$ 6.00

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